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4 Skills for Guitar Players Music Course

Free Introductory Course for New Guitar Players

This is an 8 lesson course for new guitar players. Learn the 4 skills needed to move on to become a guitar player. The four skills are Picking, Strumming, Fingering and Chording. If you learn these skills, and practice them regularly, by the end of two months (or much sooner if you work at it) you should be able to...Play simple melodies by ear, and strum along with many familiar songs.

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Learn to Read Music Course

Learn to Read Music - A Basic Course

This is a 5 lesson course especially for guitar players, but others unfamiliar with traditional music notation will benefit as well. The course covers "How the Staff Works", the components of the staff, how pitch, tempo and note duration are conveyed on the staff. A number of practice tracks are included as well, where you can work on your "reading" skills.

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Practice Tracks for Aspiring Musicians

Private Collection Practice Tracks

PracticeTracks are a great way to Teach Yourself how to play a musical instrument. We have tracks for beginners and more advanced players. Tracks for Guitar players, horn players, bass players, drum players, and more. Each score has the individual parts so you can see what's happening. Whether you can read music or not you can play along with the virtual band! Arrangements have parts for piano (keyboard), melody, bass, and (usually) drums.

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