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4 Skills for Guitar Players Music Course

What You'll Learn in the MuzicTrain FREE GUITAR COURSE...

Lesson 1: Introductory Guitar Information

This lesson is all about preliminaries to get your guitar learning adventure going in the right direction. With three short videos we describe How to Hold the Guitar, How to Pick Notes on the Guitar, How to Finger the Strings to play Guitar Chords, and we play Your First Song.

Lesson 2: Playing Individual Notes

In this lesson we discuss how to properly place your fingers on the frets of he guitar, how to play individual notes, and the relationship between the strings. You will play your first Major Scale (G), and another simple song.

Lesson 3: Fingering the Strings, and How the Guitar is Tuned

In this lesson we work on some exercises to sharpen up your finger action on the fretboard. We further explain how you play scales and simple tunes moving from string to string. You get to play more songs.

Lesson 4: Introduction to Chords

In this lesson we briefly explain how chords are formed, how many songs can be played with just three chords, and then we introduce some easy chords.

Lesson 5: Strumming Chords - Keys of G and D

In this lesson we introduce a very basic strumming pattern. We focus on learning the chords for the keys of G and D, and practice changing from one chord to another.

Lesson 6: More Chords - Am, E, Em, B7

We introduce the chords typically used to play in the keys of A minor and E minor. We use the song "Havana" to work on these chords.

Lesson 7: More Strum Patterns

In previous lessons we worked on the "One-Two-Three Rest Strum". In this lesson we introduce several variations on this strum, and work on a number of songs to practice these patterns.

Lesson 8: Chord Summary - G, C, D, E, Em, B7

In this lesson we review what we've learned so far, and make some suggestions for taking your guitar playing to the next level.

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