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We have several different kinds of projects on the go...

Do you want to make some spare $$ by working on short marketing projects for MuzicTrain?

Some projects involve doing fairly simple marketing research.

Some projects involve writing short articles or blog posts.

Some projects involve graphic design, music composition (working out instrument parts mostly), and web page work.

Can you do video?

If you are in the K-W/Cambridge area we also have low cost video projects on the go from time to time. Possible areas of involvement include shooting video, editing, appearing as an extra, and so on.

If you want to try your hand at "acting" in a low level video production, or know how to read a script, we may have a project for you. If you are musician of sorts we may be able to use you to demonstrate playing techniques.

Just fill in the information below and we'll put you in our database of interested resource people. Please bear in mind that we have on-going projects at different times, and may not have anything appropriate for you at the moment. We may also want you to show us samples of previous work, or if you are a musician, a video demonstrating your skill level would be helpful.

Please note: you don't have to be highly skilled or a "professional" in any sense to get involved in any of these projects. But you do have to be enthusiastic, willing to learn, and eager to do your best.

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