The 4 Basic Skills that every beginning guitar player should learn are...

  1. Picking individual notes with your right hand (for righties).
  2. Fingering individual notes with your left hand.
  3. Strumming with your right hand.
  4. Chording with your left hand.

Here is how to proceed...

Course Outline...

Lesson 1

Ready, Set, Go

Introduction: Parts of the guitar, posture, hand positions, playing a really simple song.

Lesson 2

How Frets work, Playing Individual Notes

Learning about frets. The G scale. Another simple song.

Lesson 3

Playing Simple Melodies, and Reading Tab

More about frets and scales. Reading Tablature (Tab). Nailing the G Scale. Your first real song.

Lesson 4

Your First Chords

What is a chord? Fingering your first chords.

Lesson 5

Strumming Along with Songs

The most basic strumming pattern. Changing chords.

Lesson 6

More Chords - E, Em, B7

Some more fairly easy chords

Lesson 7

How to Use a Capo

Expanding your capabilities with a capo.