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Course 103 -

This course is ideal for guitar players who have taken either of the ZoomGuitar for Beginners courses, or who have otherwise acquired the basic playing, chording and strumming skills covered in those courses.

The course introduces many new chords, including barre chords, and a number of different strumming techniques. It also introduces the concept of combining melody and/or bass notes with chording.

We learn to play along with a number of popular songs that include these techniques.

MuzicTrain - ZoomGuitar

ZoomGuitar for Beginners

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What will you learn?

  • More, More, More - More chords, more scales, more songs, more strums

  • Playing along with songs - We will continue learning guitar techniques. We will play along with many more popular songs, both by strumming and playing other accompaniments (bass lines, lead licks, double stops, etc.)

FREE 14 day trial

What do you need to make it work?

  • A Guitar - If you don't have one already we can give you some advice.

  • An internet connection - The faster your connection the better.

  • A computer, laptop or tablet - To use Zoom your device needs audio (a microphone) and video capability. Even a phone will work in a pinch.

  • The Zoom app - Zoom is free and will work on most devices with very little hassle.

    Installing and using Zoom for ZoomGuitar