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Course 101 -

This program offers brand new guitar players the opportunity to learn guitar by attending interactive online classes using the Zoom app.

The 101 level course is ideal for raw beginners with no experience on the guitar. An accelerated (102) and also slightly more advanced course (103) are also available. This subscription gives you access to all three courses.

The introductory course begins with a focus on guitar fundamentals such as picking and fingering the strings. We then introduce some basic scales and playing of simple melodies. And finally we learn how to play a number of chords and learn to stum along with familiar songs in the keys of C, D, and G.

ZoomGuitar for Beginners

FREE 14 day trial

then, (CDN)49.95/month

MuzicTrain - ZoomGuitar

What will you learn?

  • Guitar basics - learn how the guitar works, guitar terminology (strings, frets, chords, picking, chording, basic music theory for the guitar, etc.)

  • Playing along with songs - From day 1 students will begin to learn how to play songs along with a virtual band. We have hundreds of songs set up just for this purpose.

FREE 14 day trial

What do you need to make it work?

  • A Guitar - If you don't have one already we can give you some advice.

  • An internet connection - The faster your connection the better.

  • A computer, laptop or tablet - To use Zoom your device needs audio (a microphone) and video capability. Even a phone will work in a pinch.

  • The Zoom app - Zoom is free and will work on most devices with very little hassle.

    Installing and using Zoom for ZoomGuitar