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Private: $59.95/mo
Private Group: 2nd person is FREE

Private Remote Guitar Lessons for New Guitar Players

Every ZoomGuitar member gets a unique personalized weekly lesson at a specific day and time set aside just for them.

ZoomGuitar members not only have access to these weekly online sessions using Zoom, but also live consultations with the instructor, and 100s of support resources such as videos, exercises and playalong songs.

Getting Ready for Your Zoom Classes

Things you can do before the classes begin.

Course 101 -

ZoomGuitar for Beginners

This live remote weekly course is ideal for raw beginners with no experience on the guitar.

The course begins with a focus on guitar fundamentals such as picking and fingering the strings. We then introduce some basic scales and playing of simple melodies. And finally we learn how to play a number of chords and learn to strum along with familiar songs in the keys of C, D, and G.

Every step of the way is supported by resources such as videos and play along songs where you can put this new knowledge into practice.

All Private lessons are unique. They are designed to match the skill level and progress of the individual student.

Private Group sessions are also available. These are popular with small groups of family and friends. After the 1st participant signs up for private lessons, the 2nd participant is free. Additional participants join at a special reduced membership rate.

Friday Zoom Guitar Club

The ZoomGuitar Club from MuzicTrain provides remote guitar lessons in a Zoom group. The program is for beginners and is available to anyone with a guitar and a Zoom connection.

The next class begins Friday, April 23, 2021

Cost to enroll: $19.95/month CDN

Frequency of meetings: Weekly, Fridays, 7:00 pm EDT.

Sponsor: ZoomGuitar Club, MuzicTrain

Instructor: Rick Hendershot, MuzicTrain