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Zoom allows people to "meet" virtually over the internet. It enables teachers to interact with students when in-person meetings aren't possible.

ZoomGuitar from MuzicTrain is currently being offered at three levels: ZoomGuitar for Beginners, Accelerated ZoomGuitar for Beginners, and ZoomGuitar Beginner Level 2. Additional courses for Guitar and other instruments are also being developed.

Course 1 - ZoomGuitar for Beginners

This course is ideal for raw beginners with no experience on the guitar.

The course begins with a focus on guitar fundamentals such as picking and fingering the strings. We then introduce some basic scales and playing of simple melodies. And finally we learn how to play a number of chords and learn to strum along with familiar songs in the keys of C, D, and G.

Every step of the way is supported by resources such as videos and play along songs where you can put this new knowledge into practice.

Course 2 - Accelerated ZoomGuitar for Beginners

This course is ideal for beginners who know a little bit about the guitar but have never seriously tried to learn it - until now.

The course begins with a review of guitar fundamentals focusing on the proper way to pick and finger the strings. We then quickly move into playing simple melodies. And finally we learn the major and minor chords required to play in the keys of C, D, and G.

Graduates of this course should be able to play along with many simple songs and have the foundation to move quickly to more advanced playing.

Course 3 - ZoomGuitar Beginner Level 2

This course is ideal for guitar players who have taken either of the ZoomGuitar for Beginners courses, or who have otherwise acquired the basic playing, chording and strumming skills covered in those courses.

The course introduces many new chords, including barre chords, and a number of different strumming techniques. It also introduces the concept of combining melody and/or bass notes with chording.

We learn to play along with a number of popular songs that include these techniques.

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