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    Be sure to take advantage of our 50% October discount. It's an awesome deal! Use the coupon code PPQJHXZT when you sign up.

  2. Get Zoom!
    If you are unfamiliar with Zoom. These ZoomGuitar help videos will help you install and set up for your Zoom sessions.

  3. Get a Guitar
    If you don't have a guitar you can check out these suggestions for getting your first guitar.

  4. Tune your Guitar
    Practice tuning your guitar. Get an inexpensive digital tuner. Here's a suggestion. Or use this video to give you reference points for the desired pitch of each string.

  5. Get a jump on the first lesson
    Watch these short videos. You will need to be subscribed to see them.

Introductory ZoomGuitar courses are scheduled to begin soon. Follow the link below to subscribe.

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