Month: February 2023

Quiz #1: About Guitars

Here’s today’s quiz – How much do you know about guitars and guitar terminology? Do you know how to tune a ukulele? Do you know how many strings a bass guitar has? Don’t forget to Enter Here for the chance to win a guitar, ukulele, or equivalent value Amazon gift card. Enter once and you’re

2-4-1 Membership Offer

For a limited time when one member joins the Woolwich Good Vibrations Music Club at the regular price ($10/mo) another friend or family member can join absolutely free for one year. See more here.

Show Us Your Stuff

Join our Facebook Group – Young Musicians in Waterloo Region – Post pictures and videos of your class or group in action. Announce special events or performances. Hey Waterloo! This is a great place to Show Us Your Stuff. Go Now.

WonderWall by Oasis – PlayAlong

Wonderwall was written by Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and released in 1995. It has consistently rated high on “best song” surveys over the years. To play along with this version (in F# minor) use a capo on fret 2 and play as if in the key of Em (or G). Notice the use of Sus

Today’s Tip: Working with Tabs

Guitar tabs got you spooked? For a really good explanation of how guitar tabs work check out Guitar Magic here. The inexpensive course explains how tabs work and gives you tabs for many familiar songs. Many FREE tabs are available here. Now ask yourself “What is the best, easiest, and fastest way to get started