Month: March 2023

Transposing to a Lower Key

I recently saw a question on Quora which was basically asking “If a song is in a key too high for me to sing, how do I adjust my chords so I can hit the high notes? Should I just tune my guitar strings down a tone or semi-tone?” Many people responded to this question

New Group Courses Released

Introductory courses for guitar and ukulele beginners will soon be available for local (Waterloo Region) use at community facilities, schools, libraries and seniors facilities. The courses will feature recordings of live lesson presentations, gradually stepping through the various phases of learning how to play the ukulele or guitar. See Uke for Seniors for more info.

Buying a Starter Guitar

If you’re thinking of getting started playing guitar, here is some information that may be useful. You can find reviews of two other starter guitars on this page: Buying a Starter Guitar. The most important factors for most people just starting out on the guitar are: First, the size of the guitar. If it is