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What key is this?

You want to play along with a song but you don’t know what key it’s in. How do you figure it out? The simple fact is…most popular or traditional songs end on the root note of the major scale they are written in. This is known as the “anchor tone” around which the song is

Transposing to a Lower Key

I recently saw a question on Quora which was basically asking “If a song is in a key too high for me to sing, how do I adjust my chords so I can hit the high notes? Should I just tune my guitar strings down a tone or semi-tone?” Many people responded to this question

Buying a Starter Guitar

If you’re thinking of getting started playing guitar, here is some information that may be useful. You can find reviews of two other starter guitars on this page: Buying a Starter Guitar. The most important factors for most people just starting out on the guitar are: First, the size of the guitar. If it is

Today’s Tip: Working with Tabs

Guitar tabs got you spooked? For a really good explanation of how guitar tabs work check out Guitar Magic here. The inexpensive course explains how tabs work and gives you tabs for many familiar songs. Many FREE tabs are available here. Now ask yourself “What is the best, easiest, and fastest way to get started