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What key is this?

You want to play along with a song but you don’t know what key it’s in. How do you figure it out? The simple fact is…most popular or traditional songs end on the root note of the major scale they are written in. This is known as the “anchor tone” around which the song is

Transposing to a Lower Key

I recently saw a question on Quora which was basically asking “If a song is in a key too high for me to sing, how do I adjust my chords so I can hit the high notes? Should I just tune my guitar strings down a tone or semi-tone?” Many people responded to this question

The 1-4-5 Chord System

A common way of talking about the use of guitar chords in pop songs is called Basic Chord Theory. It is also referred to as the “1-4-5” or (in Roman numerals) “I-IV-V”. Another term you will sometimes hear is the “Nashville System”. I prefer the name “1-4-5” so that’s how I will refer to it

Why the Guitar is tuned this way

It may not make sense to you at first, and you might just never think about it. But the guitar is tuned the way it is for at least one very good reason. As far as I can tell, it comes down to this: You have four fingers on your fingering hand. So the guitar

8 Reasons to Practice Scales

I know, I know… playing scales over and over again is boring and may seem pointless. But here are 8 good reasons to work on scales every day. First, here’s the obvious stuff: 1. Playing Scales helps improve finger dexterity, strength and speed of your fingering hand. 2. Playing Scales helps improve the accuracy, speed