Two new courses soon to be released


We’re currently working on a couple new downloadable courses. The first one called “Guitar Magic” is for brand new guitar players. It features a series of lessons that introduce some basic theory, critical chords for five common keys (G, C, D, E, A) and a whole bunch of easy playalong songs to get you going. This course will be ready on Jan 1/24.

The second course is what I call a “Level 2” course as a follow up to the first one (Guitar Magic). The focus is on learning to integrate melodies and chords. I am tentatively calling this course “Scales+” or “Beyond Scales” – although I hope to think of a more interesting name.

As I have said elsewhere, I am not a big fan of “learning-by-tab”. My own experience is that most new guitar players just want to get up and running quickly and get a feel for “playing around the campfire”. This means being able to think on your feet, so to speak…understanding how chords and keys and scales and melodies work together.

Here’s a brief outline of the approach of this course…
1. I think learning scales has many advantages (See this post), so we will focus on learning major, minor, and pentatonic scales up and down the neck.
2. We need to go beyond scales and chords (strumming) and learn how to integrate them.
To some extent this involves playing by ear and learning how to improvise on the fly. This involves freeing yourself from the constraints of written music (like traditional notation and tabs – although I think both are extremely valuable and useful).

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