Chords for “Obladi Oblada” by the Beatles


Here are the ukulele and guitar chords for “Obladi Oblada” a well-known Beatles song from their 1968 double album The Beatles (also known as “the White Album”) – Obladi Oblada in G. This is in the key of G. We also have arrangements for the keys of C and D.

From Wikipedia – “Paul McCartney wrote “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” in a cod Jamaican ska style and appropriated a phrase popularised by Jimmy Scott, a London-based Nigerian musician, for the song’s title and chorus. Following its release, Scott attempted, unsuccessfully, to receive a composing credit. The recording sessions for the track were marked by disharmony as McCartney’s perfectionism tested his bandmates and their recording staff. The song was especially disliked by John Lennon, and a heated argument during one of the sessions led to Geoff Emerick quitting his job as the Beatles’ recording engineer.”

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