WonderWall by Oasis – PlayAlong

Wonderwall was written by Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and released in 1995. It has consistently rated high on “best song” surveys over the years. To play along with this version (in F# minor) use a capo on fret 2 and play as if in the key of Em (or G). Notice the use of Sus

Today’s Tip: Working with Tabs

Guitar tabs got you spooked? For a really good explanation of how guitar tabs work check out Guitar Magic here. The inexpensive course explains how tabs work and gives you tabs for many familiar songs. Many FREE tabs are available here. Now ask yourself “What is the best, easiest, and fastest way to get started

PlayAlong with “Wish You Were Here”

“Wish You Were Here” was one of Pink Floyd’s most famous songs. It was released in 1975. The original featured David Gilmour playing the intro on a 12 string acoustic guitar made to sound as though you are hearing it through a car radio. This version is from a 1994 concert. The chords are indicated

Today’s Tab: “Hey Jude” in D

“Hey Jude” was released in 1968. It was the Beatles’ first release on their Apple record label marking the label’s public launch. “Hey Jude” was a number-one hit in many countries around the world and became the year’s top-selling single in the UK, the US, Australia and Canada.

The 1-4-5 Chord System

A common way of talking about the use of guitar chords in pop songs is called Basic Chord Theory. It is also referred to as the “1-4-5” or (in Roman numerals) “I-IV-V”. Another term you will sometimes hear is the “Nashville System”. I prefer the name “1-4-5” so that’s how I will refer to it

Quick Lesson: “Toomba Toomba”

We look at the song “Toomba Toomba” in this video. This is a fairly simple song which I walk through in detail. I show you the melody, the chords, and how to play them together. I also give you the tabs for the melody, a bass part, and the melody plus chords. Check it out